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The Woman in Red : Chapter 1

1. The dance

           She was without doubt the most beautiful woman who was present here. The red garb she was wearing, emphasized her tantalizing forms. The deep low-cut of her dress, hardly concealed her good looking bosom. While she gave everyone who spoke to her a sultry look, her body was telling this evening she was open to an adventure.
            The man at the buffet was already watching her closely for a while. While he tasted the exquisite salmon, he established the fact that it wasn’t the first time for her. The little gestures, the hankering glance that held a promise, they were all trained. One by one, studied movements, like a chess game, with the only outcome that resulted in a victory. The woman was hunting, and her prey was unresisting, already captured in her nets, without being aware.
            When the music started with a slow as sweet as honey, he saw his opportunity and dodged a few other women, who were attracted to him. Meanwhile, he had put his glass of champagne on a little table on the side. He caught her attention with a look right in her eyes.
            ‘Can I have this dance?’ Classic, but irresistible, he made a little bow and gave her his right hand in an invitation to lead her to the dance floor. She looked at him, smiled in a coquettish way an accepted his invitation.
            On the dance floor, he kept a little distance. After all, you don’t dance intimately with someone you meet for the first time. With her hand in his, warm and soft at the same time, it felt like electricity. His other hand, just above her waist, leaded the dance. He felt the animal magnetism that radiated from her body. A small inclination with her head, while they were turning, she showed her long, white neck. An erotic movement. He could kiss her, now… hard upon that white flesh of her neck.       
            Without giving a sign, they danced a bit closer. He felt the friction of her upper body against his shoulder. Her breasts felt soft, even if it was only his imagination that got out of whack. Her belly against his… just a moment, sensual, a feeling that warmed this blood.
            He took her hand more firmly. Maybe in a familiar way, even more than that. She looked at him, without lifting her head, through her long eyelashes. The tip of her tongue touched her lips very lightly. He felt her fingers on his neck. Chilly, as women fingers are. Even so, he felt warm, especially when he felt she caressed the little hairs on his neck. Now he felt her breath too. Mixed with the smell of a light perfume, he detected a slight hint of mint. Fresh, seducing.
            His hand lowered and he felt the beginning of her derrière. This was a beautiful synonym; he thought, for something that could be determined in a shabby manner. A moment he thought she would protest, but it was just a moment of surprise. Something she didn’t expect… yet. Did he deliver on her hope or was he too driven? A smile told him he was right on schedule.
            Not that he could sing very well, but he whispered the lyrics in her ear on the tempo of the song. A moment later she gently pushed her head against his. He felt her trembling in his arms. His lips touched the skin behind her left ear. Just not a real kiss. She pushed herself closer. Now their bodies were tight together, as close as decently possible. Their hips rubbed against each other. Her breath quickened.
            ‘Maybe we should go outside for a moment,’ he proposed. She nodded, almost unperceived. Like the bow of a ship, he dug through the crowd, the woman in red behind him. Nobody looked at them when they left the room. Nothing indicated the storm that was raging inside of them.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere   19/11/2014

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