zaterdag 18 april 2015

Where is my soul?

Where then, can I find my soul?
Is it indissolubly connected with my life
or does it swim with my blood
in the flood through my veins?

What if I cut myself and lose a part?

Or do I have to search inside my head
in the sparkles between the synapses
along the axons and the dendrites?

And if I forget, one day
shall my soul also disappear?

Will I dissect my heart
slice pieces of it
watch them with a magnifying glass
if I can see all those feelings,
or if my joy is baked in the wall of it,
if I hear it on the beat all the tears and the sorrow?

What if my heart suddenly stops,
is this also the end of my soul?

Just to be sure I’ll go somewhat deeper
till I meet the smallest cell and then still a bit further,
maybe I see in my genes
why I’m afraid of death,
and frightened to live fully my life?

Can I read in my amino acids
What brings the day of tomorrow?

I’ve still so many ways to go,
so much to travel, stand still for a while,
so many questions which haunt my mind
why am I born in this body
why am I thinking this?

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere


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