maandag 6 juli 2015

Can I still stay for a moment?

Shy, I come closer,
Feeling guilty
I invade your world
Or what is left of it.

A bed,
A chair,
A wardrobe.

The sheets pale as your face,
Your hands wrinkled,
Diaphanous as a parchment,
Your veins draw a map

The roads you have travelled,
Full of potholes and falling,
Hoping against hope,


There is a haze laying upon your eyes,
An image of the other side,
A sea full of waving corn,
Light as yellow
And ripe as the sun that is sowed,
As milk, fresh from the cow’s udder.

A day to harvest.

I know, without you saying it,
I can read it
In the tears on your cheek,
I can hear it
In the breath on your trembling lips.

It’s high time to go,
But I don’t want to leave,
Not yet.

Can I still stay for a moment?
You want to ask me.
All I can do, is swallow my sorrow.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere


If you want to hear the poem recited on a beautiful piece of music, click the window of SoundCloud.
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