dinsdag 21 juni 2016

My Last Poem

This is the last and sixteenth poem in the collection 'Under the Wings of the Raven'

In rank the full collection of poems are:

1. Night
2. The Shadows
3. In the Dark
4. A Macabre Dance
5. An Hour Past Midnight
6. Field of Marble
7. The Horseman of the Night
8. A way out of the Night
9. One of the Walking Dead
10. Skeletons Skinned
11. But Sleep...not yet!!!
12. Camera Obscura
13. Werewolf
14. The Quiet after the Storm
15. Lost Soul
16. My last poem

This is my last poem,
A swan song of only black notes,
As always, I’m writing with poisonous thorns
And my dark, dark blood,
Now more than ever with the end so near.

There is no heaven, only a dooming hell,
Filled with the obligatory devils and demons,
Burning flames, with a consuming fire,
Eating away the leftovers of hope in me.

I’m crying too late the greedy tears of repentance,
Upon the road of my easy intentions,
I’m crying my words on a whirlpool of wind,
A grandiloquent cacophony of a Babel-like confusion.

A will about taking all the wrong turns,
About the loss of something I never had,
A guilt, heavier than gravity itself,
A millstone drowning me, even deeper.

Farewell, you who loved me unjustly,
Goodbye, heart eaters and soul breakers,
I’ll see you down there,
Because after all, make no mistake
Everyone deserves his own piece of hell.

Today, I’m looking for the last time at my mirror image,
I see the ugly duck, the one thought it would become a swan,
This is my irritating quacking,
Before I rest forever under the Wings of the Raven,
This is my last poem…

Or maybe not.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere

music: www.purple-planet.com

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