maandag 16 maart 2015

When will I know?

Do I have to choose between meandering rivers
or endless seas that I want to sail
do I want to tell about heavy storms
and huge rolling waves
where numerous strange creatures
make the voyage thrillingly exciting

or do I want to paint a reckless pursuit
in fast and rapid paces
or to ride with droning motors
driving on the edge of staggering ravines
to round the borders
to stretch the corners
with a thousands and thousands of words

or do I have to describe that flower
from his cane to the stamper
to taste the power of the pollen
translating it into a few sentences
how the sun and the bumble-bee
impregnate the buds with the blooming

to deepen a feeling
with a well chosen word
letter after letter and standing still
to admire and enjoying a colour
a sound or the taste of a kiss
to decipher it all on a single sheet

I travel beyond the borders to seek
for an answer
I’m listing in the dark and in the light
to the sound of my truth
trying again and again
to travel upon new roads
who will lead me on my voyage

it’s only I who can say it
it’s only I who must find it
while the track becomes colder and colder
the song in sounds
of wavering echo’s disappears  

when will I know
when will I know for sure
what song have I to sing?

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere


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