zaterdag 19 december 2015

My quest

I’ve looked for it everywhere,
in the furthest corners of the world
between strange peoples
and at the most desolate places.

I’ve turned stones upside down,
dragging down buildings
and fruitlessly looked into mysteries.

To no avail, I’ve questioned scientists,
analyzed the point of view of philosophers,
used the dowsing-rod and pendulum,

nothing brought me closer to the truth.

I’ve read a thousand books,
surfed on countless websites of the internet,
even yoga and meditation I’ve tried,
unfortunately without result.

If I would be able to travel back in time,
I would have asked the Delphi Oracle
for its wise advice.

Nothing could bring me nearer
the purpose of my quest
and eventually, I came home again,
not a step closer of my goal.

So I thought but at that moment,
I saw my lovely wife,
my beautiful children
and a home and shelter and I found
what I was looking for:


© Rudi Lejaeghere


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