zondag 6 december 2015

The hell-fire of humanity

It seems all the favors are handed out,
We don’t do in kind returns anymore,
We only follow if they choose us first,
To like with the push of a button and no more,

We’re shooting each other down,
Masked with anonymity,
We have put all the holy houses of sex and religion
Dismantled in the blazing bonfire
While we’re building other ones
In the glowing ash again,

Just as not discussable,
Just as impenetrable,

How are you, you mortal being
So I say to my mirror image,
M O R T A L   B E I N G, I shout,
Your words will wither for sure,

Today I’ll only spit fire and bile,
There are no roses without thorns any longer,
Only the black holes of depression,
Death flowers absorbing all my energy, my hope,

I sleep the beauty sleep of oblivion,
Dream me myself another world
Full of its personal nightmares
Of which I wake up in panic
To find me back on this earth:

The hell-fire of humanity.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere


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