zaterdag 25 juni 2016

I fear

To look behind over my shoulder,
To see the temporary in the pictures,
The flowers and the breakdowns,
Forgetting how beautiful, how bad,
Too far in the past,
The sight is losing ground,
The heart so sensitive and weary;

Love, the child on his way,
No seed the sower spills,
The breath hard and sultry,
The mouth embraces the lips
And scrutinizes and tastes,
Eating lips with a strawberry round.

How close the ground has come,
Days, nights too short,
All the roads and dreaming fields,
To reflect on, to muse
And missing things;

To bed down in an arch and curvature,
To blow on the little hairs around the bellybutton
And the small fluff within
Planted, a plan more or less
And never evermore so tender.

The regret about the impermanence of everything
Softly tucked in at night with an eiderdown
Of sleep and oblivion
Coming out of a little box of the pharmacist
Around the corner;

Without words and silently,
Looking only at the eyes,
Just now seeing the little crow’s-feet,
A smile is still slumbering on the face,
And it sleeps so beautiful, so peaceful:

I fear for that moment
It will be forever.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere

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