zondag 14 februari 2016


It’s not always the intention that counts,
In love, there’s always a fierce battle
Between doing and guessing what’s right,
And sometimes you’re so ‘F’ wrong,
Count your own blessings instead in the morning,
Because the lightning can strike on that bright
Sunny day that is coming.

There’s the candle on the cake that lights
The fruit upon it, that gives the flavor
To the spice, it’s the salt in the endless sea,
The color on a monochrome day,
A laughter between the tears we sow,

They are all little things we have to know,
To look for it in the deepest of our mind,
Remind me of them when I’m lost again,
Tell me about it when I’m old or insane,

And maybe, hopefully, I’ll hear it then,
More than today I should listen to the sound
Of our love, a whale song on the breeze
Of the waves, a tune where I can surf upon,

Next time I’ll look for the wind before I leap.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere

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