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The Woman in Red: Chapter 5

5. The Black Oyster

           Two days had passed away. Jean-Pierre hadn’t heard from Katarina. The third day, when he walked back to his car after work, he saw that there was a paper under one of the windshield wipers. He hadn’t expected it to be from Katarina. In a stylish writing, he saw her name at the bottom of the note.
            ‘Tonight, The Black Oyster, eight o’clock,’ he read. How did she know this was one of his favorite restaurants? The question didn’t stay long in his head; he was far too glad and excited that Katarina had given a sign of life. It seemed like an eternity since he had met her. Never a woman had made such an impression on him.
            When it was almost seven, his nerves were masters over him. He couldn’t choose between the blue or yellow tie. Well then, just without one. In his suit, he looked handsome enough… he hoped. Jean-Pierre was surprised he found it so important, what she would think of him. Still something that never had happened to him.
            A quarter to eight, he started his car and drove in the direction of ‘The Black Oyster’. Arrived there, he searched a place for his car, close to the entrance because it started raining. Not pouring rain, but fast enough to be wet if you have to walk too far. He opened the door of the restaurant and looked automatically through the restaurant to watch for the woman in red. It had taken him only a few seconds before he saw her.
            She was wearing a red skirt, but she had chosen this time for a white blouse with a collar of lace. The front of it was deeply cut out that it almost seemed indecent, that he saw a great part of both her breasts. A place he would love to kiss. This thought crossed his mind while his feet led him to her table.
            ‘Good evening, Jean-Pierre, you had no trouble finding it?’ Her smile revealed nothing. On the table, there was a glass of soda water in anticipation of his arrival, but she had hardly drank of it.       
            The setting of the table was beautiful, something ‘The Black Oyster’ was known for it. The proprietress of the business took pride in making from every table a feast. The glasses and the tableware shined in the yellow glow of the illumination.
            ‘No problem, but how did you know this was my favorite restaurant?’ He couldn’t restrain himself asking. Maybe she had seen him here once or had she heard it from an acquaintance?
            She looked surprised at him. ‘No, really, that’s a coincidence. I didn’t know. A good girlfriend of mine has recommended it here, and because it wasn’t a long drive, I thought this was the right choice and opportunity to discover the menu of The Black Oyster.’ She ostentatiously took the menu in her hands. ‘Maybe we could start with a glass of champagne, Jean-Pierre, what do you think?’
            ‘An excellent idea, the choice is yours, I may add.’ He saw a man in a black suit approaching their table. ‘Good evening, Robert, Madam would like a glass of champagne and I will join her.’
            Katarina smiled at Robert while she was pointing at the wine list. ‘Give us a bottle of this one. When you drink champagne, you can’t stop after the first glass, isn’t. It’s the nectar of the gods, I think. Made to enjoy.’ Robert took the order and disappeared into the kitchen.
            ‘By the way, Jean-Pierre, when I drink champagne, I really get in the mood.’ She didn’t elaborate on what sort of mood she got in, but she looked so seductive over her menu she still was holding in her hand, that Jean-Pierre almost blushed.
            After a few glasses, he had to admit, that one glass asked for another. The bottle was empty after no time. Jean-Pierre got warm, and Katarina had a blush on her cheeks that colored beautifully with her red skirt.
            All in all, it was an exquisite meal. She took as an appetizer a fine carpaccio of tuna fish, lemon, ginger, and seaweed. He took a Pomo Dori salad with Pata Negra ham and buffalo mozzarella. Both of them enjoyed the masterpieces of the chef and praised him into heaven. They chose for the guinea fowl supreme with truffle cream as the main course and it tasted delicious.
            After that, there was a little pause, in which they talked about dishes they had already tried and liked. Katarina felt relaxed and put her hand on certain occasions on his. A short moment, a sensual gesture, delicate caress. Jean-Pierre felt her hand being warm now. A great contrast with the touch during the dance on that particular evening.
            At the dessert, a simple but delicious chocolate mousse, he got even warmer. First he thought it was his imagination, but then he knew it for sure. A foot under the table was softly but confidently searching upon his left leg. It moved teasingly from below to above his leg, a part of the inner side of his thigh, almost as far as the crotch of his pants. Meanwhile, Katarina held her Chardonnay in her hand and gazed with great interest above the glass, how he would react. He almost didn’t dare to move while his body in a particular place got very excited.

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