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The Woman in Red: Chapter 16

16. The decision

         It was still early in the morning when Jean-Pierre woke up because Katarina pushed her naked body against his. Still half sleeping, he wanted to look at her. She pushed him back on his side and was spooning him. Her warm body rubbed against his back and behind. With her fingers, she caressed him, first in his neck, then his shoulders and arms. She reached a bit further and played with the hair on his chest. Her hand continued his exploration and descended still more.
            Jean-Pierre wanted to turn himself, but she pushed him every time back on his side. Her hand was in his lap and discovered Jean-Pierre was fully awake now. With experienced movements, Katarina played with his masculinity, but now and then she stopped a moment. She wouldn’t like to end his pleasure too soon. She kissed him on the neck and on his shoulders and her lips followed the same way as her hands. Eventually, with her head in his lap, she gave him satisfaction.
            ‘Good morning, Jean-Pierre. I thought, what’s the best way to start a day? Have I found the right manner? I’ve got some variations on the same theme if you want. It’s still an hour before breakfast. Maybe we could spend the time to enjoy.’ She laughed a bit naughty from her frog’s eye view.
            Jean-Pierre pulled her up and looked deep and serious in her eyes. ‘I think I’ll do it! I mean, what we discussed yesterday, I agree. But I have one condition.’
            Katarina looked surprised at him, thought he would ask more money. How could she let him know in a friendly and polite manner, that it was the best that was available? Her mother thought it was already a very exorbitant amount of money, let alone he would ask for more.
            ‘I would like… you to become my teacher in the art of love. Can that be arranged or do I personally have to ask the Baroness if you are qualified? I’ve no idea how this works, give me some credit… in my advantage I can say I was always a fast learner.
            ‘No problem, honey. I’m going to make you the best lover of all who has come to this castle and that counts, you know.’ Katarina put her arms around him and gave him a passionate kiss while their tongues competed with each other. One thing led to another. Katarina felt her new gigolo wasn’t tired yet. He pushed himself very close to her and grabbed her in a firm hold by her buttocks. Katarina whispered Jean-Pierre something in his ear.
            He nodded and turned her carefully and laid her on her belly over the rim of the bed. From behind he mounted her, and she stimulated him with short arousing cries. He wasn’t inactive, and it lasted not long and both of them reached their climax.
            ‘Let’s consider this as your first lesson,’ Katarina said afterward, ‘a sort of initiation into the rites. Welcome, Jean-Pierre.’
            Jean-Pierre felt good. He had chosen for the adventure. Finished the daily grind of debt and credit, done with calculations and earn money for someone else. From this day on there will only be having some pleasure and making money by doing it. He would invest his earning in a sensible way and would have after his ten year term a nice income on surplus of his wage. It was a really nice future, he saw, certainly if you were an accountant in a former life.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere

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