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The Woman in Red: Chapter 25

25. Pajamas and little bears

            ‘I thought you were dead tired?’ Jean-Pierre laughed. It wasn’t because he didn’t find it pleasant to say good night like this. After their chaotic adventures of the last days, he had expected her to sleep like a log already. He was surprised by Katarina’s resilience and the way she processed everything.
            Teasing, she kissed him on his belly while her tongue tickled his belly button. ‘Maybe I just sleep better after this,’ she answered him. ‘You do like me, don’t you?’
            Jean-Pierre hadn’t to answer this, the proof she had found in the meanwhile. Her hands were virtuoso in manipulating his body, and her lips weren’t bad at all too. Somehow his boxer shorts had disappeared mysteriously.
            ‘Do you really love me, I want to hear you saying it, Jean-Pierre. Do you want to stay with me, despite everything? Not everything is rosy in the garden of my world. You’ve experienced that recently, haven’t you. So? Meanwhile, she sat up and kept the sheets decently in front of her naked body.
            ‘I love you, Katarina, I’ve said it already in the car, have you forgotten?’
            A moment she looked surprised. ‘No…, but with the accident everything that has happened before is a bit blurred. ‘I’m happy you’ve said it again, Jean-Pierre. Maybe you’re right, it’ll be good to have a long lie in.’ She kissed him on the point of his nose and escaped, while taking all her clothes, outside the room.
            Jean-Pierre shook his head. He would better take a very cold shower because Katarina had warmed him up so that he would be able to sleep. Thoughts must be matched by deeds, and he hurried to the bathroom.


            The next morning Jean-Pierre unexpectedly was much earlier awake than he had thought. He smelled the coffee while he approached the kitchen. He saw Katarina baking an omelet. Her pajamas with little bears on flattered her. He stood behind her and folded his arms over her belly.
            ‘Excuse me, Jean-Pierre, you’ve got the wrong one, it’s me… Cecile! ’
            Startled, Jean-Pierre made a step back. ‘But… last night. In your pajamas…? He thought whole his body turned red. ‘What’s the meaning of this… was it you last night in my bedroom or not?’
            ‘Maybe you could ask Katarina? What would she say? ’ Cecile looked at him with a mysterious smile on her lips. ‘I had to know if you loved my sister, Jean-Pierre. A woman feels that, and I felt it and seen in your eyes. Don’t worry, it will be our little secret. For that matter, you have nothing to be ashamed of. ’ Cecile kept working on her omelet, which was almost ready.
            Jean-Pierre didn’t know very well how to react. He had experienced the last days that love and lust were two different concepts, and so it was with his feeling towards Katarina. Now that he looks closely, he saw that Cecile differed somehow from Katarina. She was much more relaxed than her sister, and she had a different look in her eyes. There was some sneakiness in her glance while she tilted her head in a special way and looked at him. She would play that game a second time with him.
            He heard a stumbling behind him. It was Katarina, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, entering the kitchen. ‘Hello, I’ve slept so well. Obviously I needed it. It has really performed miracles. Mmmm… that smells good, Cecile.’
            Cecile filled the three plates with the warm omelet while everyone took place at the table. Jean-Pierre now felt he had a terrible hunter. His stomach made all kinds of strange noises. It was already since he was at the Chateau that he had a normal meal.
            ‘We have to make plans, Cecile,’ Katarina spoke with her mouth full. It definitely tasted very good. ‘What will you do to get information about mother?’
            Cecile looked for a moment at her and then showed her mobile phone to Katarina. ‘I’ve taken the liberty to call a friend who’s working with the local police. He knows me… rather good I may say.’
            On the mobile Katarina read the text message from Cecile to François where she asked if he would inquire if Beatrice was in prison and where she was. The short answer from François was clear: ‘For you I do everything, my dear!’
            ‘I’m expecting an answer from him later on. So, we should have to wait a little and then we’ll know more. By the way, Katarina, what do you think about my new pajamas? Beautiful little bears, aren’t they. Jean-Pierre just said it was a good-looking design. Maybe you may borrow it sometime.’
            Jean-Pierre almost choked in his omelet, but wisely decided to stay silent.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere

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