donderdag 2 april 2015

The Woman with the Blindfold

It’s the human being selling his soul for some money,
praising his worldly belongings, his greatest wealth,
misusing his power, his hold on another, telling the story,
of how good he is, with gold on his wrist, his mouth full of filth.

It’s the man who’s losing himself in bullshit and commonness,
always busy with unnecessary antagonizing, the shameless lying
of which he’s the only believer, cursing, blaspheming no less,
it’s the man who’s without a blush, deceiving and threatening,

a being with a soul so black as the night, his name gotten bad,
his deeds put in writing, his words seeded on the role of death,
everything he was is weighed, the sword drawn over his head,

nothing will stop now the woman with the blindfold to add
to his life the last word she has, to speak justice widespread,
in favour of the working class, GUILTY, as charged, this lad.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere


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