zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

I'm wandering by

I’m wandering by and stroll after colours
the weathered ones of the fishing vessel
and the shiny white of the yacht at the landing-stage
flags and pennants from everywhere blowing

a man with a pipe between his nets
plugs and stopples the holes
patching up for later on the water
the smoke of tobacco that mingles
with the brackish smells on the jetty                                          
seagulls dive low over the pier
and skim almost the with clams
overgrown mooring-posts
shouting at each other and the incoming ships

the wind strikes full in the sails
it’s time for raking and hoisting
while between the old barques
a little canoe glides away
into the open sea.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere


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